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Senior Board Member (S) (2015-2021)
Years of Continuous Board Service: 2006-2021

PC Components Company, LLC
314 SE Central Avenue
Seaside Park, NJ 08752

Joined IDEA: 2004
Committee Participation: Chair, Quality Certification & Education

Activities and Notable Contributions:
• Presented on behalf of IDEA at SMTA/CALCE Counterfeit Symposium – December 2009
• Attended Atlanta Board Summit – February 2010
• Presented on behalf of IDEA at IDEA’s first audience of OCMs and Franchise Distributors – May 2010
• Provided nonconforming parts for IDEA Training Classes – 2007-2009
• Attended and presented at the 2010 Annual Membership Meeting – October 2010
• Presented at the 2010 SMTA/CALCE UoM Symposium
• Participated on SMTA/CALCE Symposium Panel
• Interviewed by industry trade magazines on behalf of IDEA
• Attended and presented at the 2011 State of the Association Meeting – April 2011
• Attended Boston Board Summit – October 2011
• Attended the 2012 State of the Association Meeting – May 2012
• Created ExamMaster Program to assist with the maintenance and update of the IDEA-ICE-3000 Program
• Attended and presented at the 2013 State of the Association Meeting – April 2013
• Attended Houston Board Summit – March 2014
• Attended Boston Annual Membership Meeting – November 2014
• Past President of the Board of Trustees (2 Terms)

Steve is a Senior Board Member and the elected President of IDEA. He has been an active IDEA Member since 2004 and is also the founder and CEO of PC Components Company, a leading Stocking Independent Distributor. Steve holds a Bachelor's degree in Electronic Engineering from the College of New Jersey and has gained a unique perspective of the industry and the supply chain from more than 30 years of industry experience in OEM, EMS, and OCM sectors.

Steve's industry work experience began as an Electronic Bench Technician. Upon graduation as an Electronics Engineer, Steve was employed as a Senior Component Engineer, Quality Manager, and Purchasing Manager for industry-leading organizations that include IBM, Lockheed-Martin, EAI, Base Ten Systems, and PC Enterprises. Steve has had "final say" with respect to maintaining Qualified Parts Lists (QPLs) used to build end products that range from commercial expansion boards that you might find inside an IBM or Tandy Personal Computer to defense systems including the Sidewinder Missile. Steve also gained experience in a Component Manufacturer (OCM) organization while he worked as a Semiconductor Process Engineer for IBM where he performed design and fabrication support, test, and SEM analysis of ICs including the industry's first 256K x 1 DRAM.

In 1984, Steve founded PC Enterprises, an OEM that achieved world-leading status as an after-market supplier of upgrades for IBM PCjr, PC, and Tandy Computers. Under Steve's direction, PC Enterprises produced more than 70 different products and shipped millions of items worldwide. PC Components, which was originally founded as the purchasing division of PC Enterprises, is today a separate entity.

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