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IDEA Testimonials

“Advanced MP Technology has been a founding member of IDEA for the past 5 years, since IDEA’s inception. During this period of time, we have seen it quickly evolve into a well recognized and highly respected entity in the Independent Distribution Channel. IDEA, which started as a simple nonprofit organization in our industry, has become a reliable forum, not only for members’ collaboration, but also as a unique foundation for quality guidelines and reference publications. The fact that Advanced MP Technology has been in business for over 30 years as an approved supply chain partner and preferred distributor to top OEM and EMS customers worldwide, provides us many opportunities to frequently converse with top players in our industry. From these conversations, we have found that many of them are either fully aware of IDEA or have some information regarding IDEA and its valuable role in our industry. Because membership in IDEA requires specific qualifications and criteria, being a member definitely adds to its member’s credentials. We feel it is tremendously beneficial for non-member, qualified distributors to apply, participate and become a member of this organization in order to take advantage of the programs and benefits IDEA has to offer."

Homayoun (Homey) Shorooghi
Advanced MP Technology
“We are a member of every organization and every search engine related to electronic components and there is no other group of distributors, than those which are part of the IDEA group, that can be trusted to deliver quality parts every time. All of the other industry organizations allow membership based on limited qualifications. IDEA is the only organization which has strict guidelines for membership and are constantly creating new ways to make their members better. Our adoption of the IDEA-STD-1010A standard and certification of our QC department to the IDEA-ICE-3000 has helped us tremendously in the fight against the counterfeit dilemma. If you want to be sure to get quality electronic components stick with the list of distributors at”

Robb Hammond
“As a global supply chain partner for technology-driven companies, our business requires nonstop vigilance in screening parts for potential problems. Whether it’s intentional fraud in the form of counterfeit parts, or substandard components, these both can have a direct impact on the success of our end customers. Integrating the IDEA standard (IDEA-STD-1010-B) and the IDEA Inspector Certification (IDEA-ICE-3000) program into Converge’s established systems and processes was a natural compliment to our robust quality and environmental programs, all adhering to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ESD S20.20 standards.”

Dwight Gerardi, Quality Manager
"For many years now, there have been various "Industry" associations, most of which focus on negativity. The IDEA creates positive solutions through hard work and excellent people, they have really “Raised the Bar” head and antlers above the others. The IDEA is a pro-active organization geared towards quality, which in turn elevates their Member Companies well above the rest of the field. The IDEA-STD-1010-a and Inspector Certification are monumental towards maximizing quality control in today's marketplace, not only for Independent Distributors, but also for OEM's, CM’s, EMS providers and Franchised Distributors. Only less than 40, yes I said less than 40 Independent Distributors are members of the IDEA. The IDEA expects their members to provide nothing less than "World class customer service" to the industry. I guess that explains why there are less than 40 members to date. Many of our customers are familiar with the IDEA and are shrinking their AVL’s to include of course, Authorized/Franchised Distributors, and, only Independent Distributors that are IDEA members. Think about it, whether you are using an Independent Distributor to decrease costs, or for shortages; Why would anyone purchase components from an Independent Distributor that is not a member of the IDEA?"

John Irvine, Owner
Eagle Technology Solutions
“Florida Circuit instituted the IDEA 1010 standard in 2007. We have found the techniques and process invaluable in training our Quality Team in the inspection of components. As a part of our pursuit of 'continual quality improvement' Florida Circuit has integrated the 1010 standard into our ISO process as a work instruction. We currently have two inspectors in process of obtaining their certification to the IDEA Inspector Certification (ICE-3000) as well. We strive to refine and improve our Inspection standards and IDEA has been a substantial part of our improvements.”

Stacy Freels, Operations Manager
Florida Circuit, LLC
“Impact Components has been a member of IDEA since its inception. Membership in a trade organization that focuses on quality and good business practices had obvious benefits. Over the last five years, more and more OEM's and CM's are inquiring about IDEA and are increasing awareness of the necessity of dealing with IDEA members. We have had several customers make AVL decisions based upon IDEA membership as a criterion. We are pleased to offer added value to our customers though application of IDEA-STD-1010-A and the best practices contained within it, and proud to call ourselves IDEA members.”

Ray Ford, Managing Partner
IMPACT Components
“The surplus market is inundated with counterfeit components, and the entire electronics industry needs to join the effort to raise awareness of this problem and share knowledge to enhance detection efforts. As the authoritative voice of independent distributors, the IDEA is leading this effort with its IDEA-ICE-3000 Professional Inspector Certificate Exams, IDEA-STD-1010-A inspection standards, and other educational programs and services. Here at North Shore Components we are dedicated to maintaining the highest ethical standards in our industry. As a committed member of IDEA, we have integrated IDEA policies throughout our quality systems, and we wholeheartedly support your efforts to serve the greater good of the entire electronics supply chain.”

Joseph Ruggiero, Vice President
North Shore Components, Inc.
“PC Components Company recently incorporated IDEA standard 1010 (IDEA-STD-1010-A) into our quality system and also required that our Quality Control Manager take the new IDEA Inspector Certification Exam (IDEA-ICE-3000). The new techniques adopted allowed us to detect a shipment of Agilent HDMP-2689 optical transceivers that we believe is refurbished and remarked, and to stop this shipment from entering the supply channel. Our company has been so pleased with the new inspection processes that we now require all of our eligible quality inspectors to become IDEA certified.”

P. Steve Gregory Calabria, President/CEO
PC Components Company, LLC
“We have found that the collective consciousness and intelligence represented by the IDEA programs is a powerful foil against the scourge that is non-conforming and counterfeit product. Namely we have found that the IDEA inspection standard disseminates the tools as well as knowledge needed to safeguard the OEM/CEM clientele effectively. We support the mission of the organization wholeheartedly and applaud its ongoing effort to educate and improve what is commonly referred to as the ‘Independent’ electronic component channel.”

Gil Aouizerat, CEO
PCX, Inc.
"Fusion has been an IDEA Member for more than 5 years because we believe that meeting the challenges of providing quality product to our customers is the top priority. We want to align our company with an industry organization that is constantly working to advance quality across independent distributors. We pride ourselves in the leadership position we have taken in the fight against counterfeits and have incorporated the IDEA-STD-1010 Standard into our inspections system. All of Fusion's quality inspectors are IDEA-ICE-3000 certified. Fusion has recently raised the bar by installing a complete Anti-Counterfeit Screening and Analysis Lab. We continue to be a contributing Member to IDEA and a leader in the development of standards and processes to improve quality across the supply chain. Our customers recognize the value an organization like IDEA provides, and we are proud to be a meaningful contributor.”

Paul Romano, COO

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